YouTube Releases Free Guide For Musicians

Just as the world changes, so does social media practices. But for musicians and artists who are seriously striving to find innovative ways to promote their music, they need not look any further than the promotional tools which YouTube provides. To help, Hypebot shares some in-depth information about YouTube in this short article, along with a link to download YouTube’s “Guide For Musicians” that will show them how to take advantage of all the tools the Video On Demand site has to offer.

YouTube helps musicians and artists create promotional videos that help build a loyal audience. These techniques are meant as best practices; they are not a set of rules or guaranteed tricks to make your videos successful. Any successful channel always starts with great content!

By leveraging your creativity, producing promotional standalone content, and promoting your VOD content via annotations (where applicable), you can better promote and monetize your content on YouTube.

In conjunction with the launch of a new version of its Creator’s Playbook, YouTube has added 5 Playbook Guides to help creators find success on the video streamer. The free YouTube Playbook Guide for Music offers best practices to help build a loyal and engaged audience.

Topics include:

  • Optimizing for Better Discovery
  • Releasing an Album or Song
  • Content Upload Frequency
  • Using the Talent
  • Increasing Watch-Time
  • Cross-promotion
  • Engaging with Fans