Watch Todd Dulaney LIVE on the Harvest TV Show-Aug 20th

On Tuesday, August 20th, Worshiper and Artist, Todd Dulaney will sing “Live” on the internationally syndicated TV show, “The Harvest Show” on the LeSEA Broadcasting Network.Coupled with singing on the show, Todd will be interviewed by the show’s hosts, Stefan Radelich, Valerie Lowe, Chuck Freeby and Pete Sumrall.

The Harvest Show is an internationally syndicated live, hour-long, daily television program reaching 46 + million homes in North America including 13 LeSEA owned affiliate stations.

Todd’s Harvest Show appearance will air live at 9am EST and will be a special treat for those watching and who have supported his music and ministry.

Watch Todd’s live appearance on “The Harvest Show” online at:

Check your local listings for time and station information to view the show.

Also look out for new digitally released music from Todd Dulaney on

September 10th!


Twitter: @ToddDulaney