Todd Dulaney Releases New Single ‘Trusting In You’ / Available Now on iTunes

Download Todd Dulaney’s “Trusting In You” on iTunes Now!

Todd Dulaney will debut his new song “Trusting In You” Live, during the 17th Annual International Faith Conference at Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park, IL.

The live premiere of “Trusting In You” will air on the Daystar Television Network during the International Faith Conference.

As a special treat, viewers will also catch Todd Dulaney in a live interview on Daystar, before and following the debut of “Trusting In You”.

Join Todd Dulaney online or by attending the 17th Annual International Faith Conference on Sept 10th at Living Word Christian Center, 7600 West Roosevelt Road Forest Park, IL. 60130

Watch Todd Dulaney Live online on DayStar here:

Watch Todd Dulaney Live online via the International Faith Conference here:

“Trusting In You” is available for download on iTunes and aired on several key Gospel Entertainment media sites and radio stations.

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