Tips On Choosing the Right Music Producer

It is one of the most important decisions you will make when it’s time to master and record your music. Your producer is responsible for how your final record will sound so you need to be on the same wavelength, and be able to communicate effectively. Here are some tips from Graham Semar of Music Think Tank that can help to make the process of choosing a producer a little easier:

1. Knowing what you want

This is a huge aspect; you can’t expect the producer to make your music sound good if you have no clear ideas. It is a great way to explore other sounds for your music but always be clear what you want your final result to sound like.

2. Getting along well

Communication is a huge part of the recording process. This means you need to find a producer that you feel comfortable with so communication does not become an issue. It may be tempting to choose a producer who is slightly better, but if you are uncomfortable around them you may end up with a record you are really unhappy with.

3. Do your homework

Listen to albums that you admire, and then try to find out who produced it. When you contact an artist about a producer, it is also a good opportunity to see if they were easy to work with. Keep in mind, however that the work they have done previously should be comparable to the kind of music you make.

Getting along is extremely important, but make sure you never lose focus. You are not spending time with a friend; you are working together and will need to make an end product. You may end up looking back on your experience as a positive one, but the music is always the most important factor.