The Duchess of Gospel Music-Lady LaVarnga Hubbard Releases New Radio Single-“Worthy”-On Utopia Music Group


She’s Back! Utopia Music Group’s Duchess of Gospel Music, LaVarnga Hubbard is back with her new single, “Worthy” a triumphant praise song to God, which she leads with power and grace.

“Worthy” is a high energy song of praise, which begins with an exuberant musical intro followed by Hubbard’s powerful vocals, lyrics and direct praise she is giving to God throughout the song.

“God your love is reigning over me, God your grace is reigning over me, God your power is reigning over me….so I’ll declare You’re so worthy of the Praise” are a few of the lyrics from this hit song.

LaVarnga Hubbard’s infectious vocals on “Worthy”, will lead listeners right into an instant praise during the song’s vamp with the lyrics: “You’re so Worthy, I can’t stop Praising You!”

The new single, “Worthy” is currently being added at radio stations across the country.

Join LaVarnga Hubbard in declaring that God is Worthy, by requesting “Worthy” at radio today!

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