The Duchess of Gospel-Lady LaVarnga Hubbard to Perform on WGN TV-SINGSATION Gospel Show


In the midst of all that is taking place in our country, Utopia Music Group’s new artist, Lady LaVarnga Hubbard wants all to remember that Jesus Christ is still“Worthy” of all praise and we must continue to remember who He is and His promises. 

Lady LaVarnga recently released her new single “Worthy” to radio, but she is more excited about encouraging others to keep their focus on declaring that God is Worthy, no matter what the circumstances may be.

On Saturday July 16th, LaVarnga Hubbard will be singing “Worthy” and other songs of encouragement during a live concert at Powerhouse International Ministries, 7040 S. Western, Chicago, IL.

LaVarnga Hubbard will continue singing God’s praises on Sunday, July 17th, during a taped performance on the National Television show, SINGSATION on WGN TV in Chicago. SINGSATION is the first nationally syndicated gospel entertainment show and has been on the air for over 25 years.

Join Lady LaVarnga Hubbard in declaring that God is Worthy within your community today!

“Worthy” is a high energy song of praise, which begins with an exuberant musical intro followed by Hubbard’s powerful vocals, lyrics and direct praise she is giving to God throughout the song.

The new single, “Worthy” is currently being added at radio stations across the country.

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