TGS Feature: Fatherhood – Fred Perry’s Perspective

“When a man influences his house, he can influence the world around him.”- Bruce Farr

Such is true when it comes to Fred Perry the lead of Fred Perry and Second Generation, a Gospel Quartet group whose latest album, The Wisdom Project is available everywhere music is sold.

Based in Bolivar, Tennessee, Perry began singing with his sons as an official group when one television appearance together turned into a series of consecutive victories which included being the 2014 winners of Stellar Award-winning Lisa Knowles Smith’s Evolution of Quartet Showcase.

Perry always had a passion for music and grew up in a musical environment. His father had played bass and sang with many prominent quartet groups, but he had personally shied away from joining most because he wanted something different for himself. “Many quartet groups didn’t always have good reputations when they were done singing. If I was going to sing, I wanted to be with a group that strived to live what they were signing about,” mentioned Perry.

Perry, a minister, admits that he’s far from perfect but strives to live a life based on Godly principles. He makes it a point to model the behavior for his sons. “That’s what I said when I pulled my sons together. You wouldn’t want me out here doing anything because of your mother, and if we’re going to do this, you all have to keep the same standard,” remembered Perry.

Perry knew he needed to teach his sons what it meant to be solid men overall. “I keep it real about life,” he says not wanting his sons to fall into common pitfalls. When they are not on the road singing, Perry revealed that he not only works a 40-plus hour work week but keeps additional streams of income on the side to make sure his family is supported. He says, “I tell them if anyone is going to struggle, it will be me.” He stated that his father was a worker, and he thinks it’s important to instill in his sons and others the importance of having a good work ethic.

Perry is proud of the men his sons are becoming so early from the foundation he’s laid. His sons, Second Generation members, are all active in music and ministry. Isaiah (14) and Jordan (19) minister as well as sing. His oldest, Frederick, is active in music ministry. It was his son Frederick, the group’s M.D., which pushed Perry to become a songwriter. When his son was age 9 and learning to play the piano, he would play melodies on the top of his head and encouraged his dad to add words.

Perry shares that he’s not always tough with his sons. He has fun with them like wrestling and even lets them tease him. His sons’ friends are often around. “My boys always have their friends over…” Perry cited. He realizes that he has become like a surrogate father to some. “I try to teach them the same things I tell my boys…they keep coming back.” In his own small way, Perry believes he is impacting his community and changing a generation. He encourages all men to step up to the plate.

Perry had a lot to share, but it is clear that he is passionate about his relationship with God, his family and ministry. “When you hear Fred Perry & Second Generation sing, it is clear that you are listening to men who not only love Gospel music, but who love each other and who love God,” says Knowles Smith. “They are one of a kind and I am one of their biggest fans.”

When asked what he was looking for most on Father’s Day, Perry shared, “Knowing me and my boys can spend quality time…I’m not really into things. Them listening to me and doing what I say means more than anything.”

Happy Father’s Day, Fred Perry!!

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           * 94% of saved husbands and fathers will help lead their entire family to faith in Jesus Christ compared to 23% of saved wives and mothers will help lead their husbands and children to faith in Jesus Christ