Soul Tempo Connected with Fans at Sirius XM Radio


Soul Tempo with Sirius XM Program Director Pat McKay and their producer Chris “Big Dog” Davis


Soul Tempo preparing for Interview/Performance


 Soul Tempo in the Studio at Sirius XM Radio

On Tuesday, May 21st, Soul Tempo visited Sirius XM Radio for an in studio performance and interview with Sirius XM Program Director, Pat McKay.

While in the studio, Soul Tempo’s discussed their project, upcoming video shoot for Almost Home and performed the radio singles “Almost Home” and “Trust In God”.

This weekend, Soul Tempo will head home for the concept video shoot of “Almost Home” on Saturday, June 1st.

The “Almost Home” video shoot will take place at Wayfaring Ministries, 295 Treadwell St, Hamden CT at 12pm.

Soul Tempo is excited and would love to see fans and supporters on June 1st during the music video shoot in Connecticut. 

Soul Tempo’s CD Trust In God is available in stores and online!

Fans may view Soul Tempo’s TBN performance on their YouTube Channel


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