Singer, Songwriter and Philanthropist Terrance Bell Launches “Love Wins in 2017”; Proclaims Everyday is Valentine’s Day


Singer, songwriter and philanthropist, Terrance Bell feels that love should be celebrated and practiced every day, not just on the 14th. But every year around this time, commercialism tells us otherwise.  Starting today, Bell will launch “Love Wins in 2017” by giving back to those less fortunate.

“Love Wins 2017” is the start of an annual event beginning in February where Bell, with the help of radio stations, will gift radio listeners with funds, gift cards, and other things that they might not otherwise be able to afford.
To buy flowers on February 14th is a beautiful gesture, however, it’s even more beautiful to treat each other with care daily.  Bell tells his story of what prompted “Love Wins in 2017”:
In 2008, my city and surrounding areas experienced a massive natural disaster in the form of Hurricane Ike.  During that moment one of many things that stood out to me, while touring Galveston, TX, was the unconditional love of afamily that lost everything during this storm.
The family-husband, wife and four small kids-werewalking the streets homeless and hungry. I stopped to speak and they explained what they lost and how they were dealing with it. They had no extended family, money, food, or a place to live. They were staying at a temporary shelter.
Through all of that, the couplestated, “we have each other and we will trust that God will bring us out of this situation.”
They were a unit, a family. I’ve never seen a more powerful display of love. The honor, courage, and strength they must have for one another to stay together was breathtaking to me.
I did all I could to help that family at that moment and also assisted them in finding other support that helped them begin the process of rebuilding their lives.
Bell explains, “My deeds are not based only on what I’ve experienced myself, but through the lives others experience. So starting this month, I would like to show love and honor to benefit those who may not have extrato give what their hearts really desire.”
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