Sarah Michelle’s ‘All of Me’ Available Today!

Minister of music and independent singer/songwriter, Sarah Michelle, releases “All of Me,” songs reflecting on her love affair with God, available today, September 16, 2014 at iTunes and all digital platforms.

“All of Me” is a four-song musical journey where Michelle gives her all in every song while giving back to the listener including standout-songs as Built For This, a personal testimony, and Incredible where Michelle sings about how she feels about the love of Christ towards her and also her love for Christ.

As the minister of music at The Greater Bible Way Temple in Jackson, MI and the minister of music for the Northern District Council, Michelle knows how it feels to hear a relatable song that helps bring her through a situation.

“When people listen to my music I want them to feel God,” Michelle states. “I want them to be encouraged, healed, saved and delivered and I want them to be able to relate to my story and to know that I relate to theirs.” Other songs that touch the heart and jolt the soul include the self-titled All of Me, and Rejoice.

A genuine, open-minded and caring person whose project is all about sharing the healing power of God to listeners in need of a reminder that God is the answer to everything.

“I want people to hear my heart and be able to identity with my struggles through my songs and know that we all have struggles; God got me through it, he will get them through it as well. I want this project to rekindle their love affair with God, states Michelle.

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