Premiere Bassist Andrew Gouché Excusive interview with Phyllis Caddell-M

World-renowned bassist, musical director, producer and composer, Andrew Gouché, is best known for his creative original bass lines and a unique sound that bass players around the world have sought to emulate.

He recently released his debut effort, We Don’t Need No Bass, featuring Fred Hammond and Jackie Gouché, which speaks to his gospel roots but also showcases a broader musical gift blending Jazz and R&B into a soulful variety of songs.  Although a self-proclaimed church musician, Gouché shows the world, with this album, that he is much more as the project reaches out to music lovers of all ages and genres.

Working with several artists in a 30-year span including Prince and the New Power Generation, Gladys Knight, Michael Jackson, Andraé Crouch, The Winans, and most recently the musical director for Chaka Khan, Gouché decided it was finally time to complete and release his very own project.

The Grammy® Award-winning producer and premiere bassist talks shop with Phyllis Caddell-M.

Q. What does the title We Don’t Need No Bass mean?

A. The title comes from my early experiences playing in church. I would go to some churches to play, and they would tell me, “We don’t need no bass, the organist can play bass on the pedals.”

Q. Please give a brief description of the creative process for We Don’t Need No Bass.

A. Most of the songs came from grooves I’ve created over the years. I just made a conscious effort to turn them into songs and recorded them in my studio, with the help of some incredible friends.

Q. You’ve worked with plethora of people in various genres.  Is there anyone you would like to work with to fulfill your bucket list?

A. I’ve always wanted to work with a Pop artist like Eric Clapton or Paul McCartney

Q. Starting out in gospel music and crossing over to other genres, what would you say is the difference in working in both?

A. There is a spiritual satisfaction that only comes from playing Gospel, but the other genres tend to have bigger budgets!

Q. You have a signature bass line named MTD4Lyfe.  Please explain how this deal came about.

A. My signature bass line is by Mike Tobias, the premiere bass maker in the world. I started playing his basses in 1987, and because I was recording and touring so much, his sales rose drastically. People would always call him and order and a bass like they saw or heard me play, so the next natural step was to design a signature bass.

Q. In regards to your audience, what do you hope to achieve with We Don’t need No Bass?

A. I hope to inspire musicians and non-musicians alike and to help show that real music is still alive.

Q. Describe your album and explain how it separates you from other bassists/instrumentalists?

A. My album is collection of songs based on my musical life, what separates me from other instrumentalists is that these experiences are uniquely my own.

Q. What has been the biggest highlight of your career and why?

A. My career has had so many wonderful highlights that helped shape me into the musician I am today, it’s really impossible to name just one!

Q. Please finish this sentence: We Don’t Need No Bass puts me in _____ state of mind!

A. We Don’t Need No Bass puts me in a grateful state of mind.

‘We Don’t Need No Bass’ is available on Andrew Gouché will perform at the 2015 Long Beach Jazz Festival.  For information, visit  Follow Andrew Gouché on Twitter @AndrewGouche, on or visit his website at