Phyllis Caddell-M: “Do-It-Yourself Publicity: For Those Too Cheap or Too Broke to Hire a Publicist”

Do-It-Yourself Publicity: For Those Too Cheap or Too Broke to Hire a Publicist is a How-to book… designed to provide the fundamentals of public relations and publicity in order to effectively launch a publicity and/or media relations campaign. It will explain and help the reader understand the dynamics of structuring a biography and press release, to pitching and understanding the media, and will reveal the frustration, joy and understanding of being or becoming a Do-It-Yourself publicist.”

The power of publicity is amazing if you know how to use it to your advantage. Recognition or publicity is vital in every area of business including law, medicine, art, beauty, fashion and technology. Because there are so many professionals seeking exposure (radio airtime, TV and publication placements) mediums are bombarded for the same slots. Before getting in the game, your service, product or company should represent you in the most professional, creative way possible.

Designed to provide the fundamentals to launch a publicity campaign, Do-It-Yourself Publicity: For Those Too Cheap or Too Broke to Hire a Publicist offers valuable information that will help you to avoid the following mistakes when working with the media:

  • Treating all media–TV and radio, editors and reporters–the same.
  • Pitching more than one journalist at a media outlet and not telling them.
  • Pitching exclusives that aren’t.
  • Writing press releases that are too long and are not newsworthy.
  • Putting your name in a release and then not being available to take calls.
  • Pitching information or people you can’t deliver.
  • Pitching an outlet blindly.
  • Not being prepared when pitching verbally.
  • Calling on deadline.

No one is perfect, and even the most savvy publicists’ fall short. However, “A successful DIY publicist must know how the media operates in order to use them effectively in distributing a message. You should understand how to approach each media and to meet its requirements, identify the specific audiences you hope to inform and influence and determine which media are best for each publicity campaign.”

Part 2 of Do-It-Yourself Publicity: For Those Too Cheap or Too Broke to Hire a Publicist will be released in February 2014.

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Author Phyllis Caddell-M, is a Publicist, Author and Radio Correspondent – Specializing in entertainment, corporate, faith-based PR and media relations.. She is also the Founder/CEO of Pc Public Relations & Management, Inc. (PCPR), a company she founded in 1995, from her bedroom, with $500 and a prayer.  Today the diverse boutique firm is a prosperous business representing a plethora of talent. In addition, she is the west coast correspondent for 88.1 WFSK radio in Nashville, TN, and hosts public relations workshops and seminars throughout the U.S.

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