Pastor Donnie McClurkin To Perform at TIDAL X BROOKLYN

I am excited to be able to participate in helping those who have recently
suffered such devastating catastrophes: 5 major Hurricanes, 3 deadly
earthquakes, foods, loss of homes and the heartbreaking loss of lives! 2017
has been a year like we have never experienced before. And while politics
cloud the issues and government does all that it can…we, together, can be
“our brother’s keeper!”

On this Tuesday, October 17th, I, along with many others, will be a part of
TIDAL X BROOKLYN …a disaster relief concert held at Barclay Center in
Brooklyn, New York! JAY-Z, myself and many other artists will lend our
voices and resources to aid these weather ravaged areas and bring HOPE &
HELP to countless people in need!

I encourage everyone to give to this great cause! Many times in troubled
situations people will say “lets pray”…. Yes ! We should always pray and
keep praying; but let’s not stop there! it’s time to add our WORK into the
mix! Christianity teaches us that “faith without works is dead”! So, let’s
step up and be counted!! EVERYONE! No division, no partisanship or
politics, no religious or racial divides…let’s come together as family of
HUMANITY! Some may say “well I can’t give very much…what will my
“little” matter?” Let’s look at it this way: add your “little” with my “little”
and others across this land ..and you’ll fnd that “little becomes much” and
helps our brothers and sisters. Show real love….