New Gospel Artist Corey Barksdale says: “God-You’re Irreplaceable”

New Gospel Artist Corey Barksdale shares his new song:

“You’re Irreplacebale”

A melodic love letter to God declaring His matchless presence in our lives.

Check it out on Corey Barksdale’s YouTube Channel:

Corey Barksdale-“You’re Irreplaceable”


As a songwriter, Corey composes lyrics to increase faith and encourage listeners to praiseworshipsurrender to God and live a life that includes self-love:

 “I try my best to put passion in the melodies and honesty in my writing. I’m not a commercial kind of writer, I can do it, but I prefer to pull from my heart. When you hear my songs, it will sound like you’re hearing a conversation between God and I. The core of my writing is really personal and intimate”

Barksdale explained the inspiration behind

“You’re Irreplaceable”:

“I feel like I’ve worshipped a person, a favorite thing, a habit and maybe even a place, only to discover that all of those things were temporary and disposable, the only thing that’s irreplaceable, is God! God should always come first in our life, He is our source, we should never look to anyone or anything else more than we do God!”

“He’s irreplaceable! I can replace people, cars, homes, money, anything, but when it comes to God, its only one. So, I need to hang on to him.”

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