Music Theory 101: Eric Brice – 11th Chords

A G major chord over an A bass note is called an A11th and conversely that same theory applies to the rest of the keys obviously … It’s used a lot as the five chord to resolve back to one, but check it out … You can do a lot with this ear-pleasing chord …..the 11th chords … My two pennies …Peace




Eric Brice  is a world renowned Session Guitarist , Producer , Musical Director  and Engineer.  He has performed and recorded with greats such as Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Israel & New Breed, Karen-Clark Sheard, Commissioned, The Winans…and many more.  Eric performs on Monday nights at the Experience, an event that he and his wife, vocalist Dena Brice currently hosts in Charlotte, NC.

The Experience
1900 Queen City Dr.
Charlotte, NC