Meet The Maker – Wyn Guitars

What are the rewards of leaving an established career and starting over again at the bottom… just to fulfill your dreams? For Randall Wyn Fullmer, the rewards are great. Like many people, Randall had the perfect day job. Before his nearly twenty year career at Walt Disney Feature Animation (Now – Walt Disney Animation Studios), working with literally hundreds of music artists on each project, Randall had a passion for guitars that came to life inside him at a young age. In 2006, Randall’s dream became a reality as he launched his own business, Wyn Guitars, designing and handcrafting bass guitars. He is living proof that with hard work and determination… the risk is well worth it, and the rewards are endless.

Randall’s love for guitars began when he was just twelve years old. It was then that he asked his parents if he could purchase wood to build his own 12-string guitar. “His parents were so thrown by this bizarre request” that they gave him permission to do so. “Over the next six years, Randall proceeded to build approximately thirty guitars, using craftsmanship that was both self-taught and mentored by a longtime country western fiddle maker named Tom; whom he was introduced to by his guitar teacher. Tom taught him the intricate details of guitar making. Randall sold many of the best guitars he made, gave some of them away to friends as gifts, and the others he threw away because he was a little too daring in the designs, and they didn’t work. But through a lot of trial and error, he learned the craft very well, and the guitars kept getting better.

Randall “continued to build guitars throughout his life, but the task was consigned to hobby status while his animation career took precedent. “I don’t know why, but it never struck me that I could make a living making guitars,” he said. Randall continued playing and building guitars as a passionate hobby, but as for a real career, he studied art and architecture, and eventually graduated as a fine art major from the California Institute of the Arts. He was hired by the Walt Disney Company in their Feature Animation unit. He called this job, “A fantastic job.” He performed animation work on productions like “Roger Rabbit”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King”.

But after almost 20 years at Disney, Randall explained, “One day I woke up and said, that’s enough, it’s time for a change. Through hard work and some very good fortune, I was able to take my passion of guitar making off the back burner and again put it front and center. Within a year of leaving Disney, in addition to writing and recording music, I found myself building up my wood shop” and buying supplies.

“I founded Wyn Guitars based on exceptional tone, playability and natural design. To achieve this goal, I hand selected the best hardwoods from every part of the world. My commitment is to put my heart and soul into everything I do and to reward every player that has confidence in my work with the best bass I know how to build.”


AAAAA Claro Walnut Burl 6-String