Lifestyle: “Romance and the Road”

So you wanted to be a Star and impact the entertainment industry as a believer. Now what? How do you navigate your time and talents while still maintaining a healthy and thriving personal relationship with the Lord and with your spouse? It’s imperative that your priorities are intact as well as your commitment to doing whatever is necessary to ensure you stay connected to the one you love. These four steps should get you going in the right direction:

  1. Plan – The old adage goes the person that does not have a plan for success has a plan to fail, and that rolls over to your relationships. You must plan out time to spend with your spouse daily. In this age of technology, skype may become your best friend! Connect regularly
  2. Strategize-Be strategic – You may be on the road days, weeks or even months at a time so you have to determine BEFORE you travel, how much time is too much time away? Begin to put into practice options for either trips home or visits from your spouse. Set up your childcare and attempt to ensure that you budget accordingly in order to make these trips happen. It’s important not only to see and talk to each other, but also to stay connected emotionally and spiritually. These rendezvous can help you to maintain your passion and compassion for one another.
  3. Decide – Success and all that comes with it can be intoxicating and addictive, often requiring laser focus and leaving little room for other pursuits and plans—but everything in moderation. Even ministry must be tempered with balance. Decide early and discuss often what your boundaries will be and when you will need to say “no” to certain activities/projects. Communicate with your spouse the goal for each project and the two of you make the decision collectively on what will work best for your household.
  4. Practice – The art of discipline requires that you practice, practice, practice!   The same holds true to having a successful marriage/partnership. You must practice being attentive, loyal, communicative and romantic. The more you try it, the better you will become at it and the benefits will be well worth it.

Having and maintaining your ministry/career and your marriage requires a consistent commitment to balance and an awareness of priorities.   Several great ideas may be presented to you but not all need to be implemented by you. Stick to your plan. Evaluate your strategy regularly. Trust your decision and pledge to practice.


About Born 2 Relate

Born 2 Relate is former music executive, turned ordained Pastor/Counselor and Business Life Coach, Dale Harewood who holds an MA degree in Organizational Leadership. His wife, Venessa Harewood specializes in Marriage and Family Therapy and received an MA Degree in counseling psychology. She’s also a certified Master Life Coach. Together they have been married for 15 yrs. and are building upon the legacy of their parents who have both had 50+ yrs. of successful marriage to change the culture and help marriages thrive.

Through Born 2 Relate they are dedicated to providing sound biblical counseling for couples of all varieties as well as singles, and are committed to serving God by helping marriages to become healthy by teaching the wisdom of commitment.

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