Lifestyle Feature: Why Worship? By Chad Brawley

Why Worship? 

Up for discussion in the modern church are the fundamental questions: Why worship, and what does authentic worship look like? In order to answer these, let’s consider Calvary.

As recorded in Genesis 1-3, when God created mankind, He provided us with the instructions and resources necessary to live well and enjoy a wonderful relationship with Him and each other. In time, we allowed our enemy to convince us that God was not smart enough to properly care for His creation and that we could do a better job ourselves. So we turned our backs on God and chose autonomy instead of obedience. Broken hearted, but madly in love with us, God decided to provide a means of reconciliation for the relationship that had been eternally frayed. After many of our failed attempts to “get it right,” God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to handle the job. Ultimately, Jesus bore the weight of all of our sins: past, present and future as He was savagely murdered by His own people – for us. (Matthew 27-28) This is when His obedience and love took the place of our disobedience and ungratefulness. Now, an eternally restored relationship with the Creator is available to those that put their faith in Christ as Lord. (Romans 10:1-13)

It is because of the sacrifice that Jesus made in our stead that we are able to have transformed lives on earth and eternally – FOR THIS – we are grateful. Our appreciation and loyalty are expressed in our worship. When one understands the escaped gravity of eternal disfellowship from God, he responds with Christian worship. We gather weekly in our churches for corporate worship encounters that should be filled with celebration, love and expressions of sincere adoration. Understanding of authentic worship should not be reduced to the singing of a fast or slow emotional song during a service, but more concentrated on a lifestyle of commitment to please the one we owe our lives to. We absolutely do not worship God solely to manipulate Him for “blessings” as He’s already given the chiefest of blessings in our access to redemption in Christ Jesus. Because we are loved, we love. Because we’ve been forgiven, we forgive. Our corporate experiences are an overflow of a week of committed grateful living.

So, we worship because we are grateful. The authenticity of our worship is seen in a sincere commitment to Christian living that transcends music, corporate gatherings and  personal inclination. Consider this definition of worship: Our life’s response to Jesus’ sacrifice. Remember what occurred at Calvary for you and respond with all of your heart, soul, mind and body!

Author, Chad Brawley
Worship Ministry Consultant
IG/Twitter: @CKBmusik