Lifestyle Feature: When There Are More Questions Than Answers by Trisha Alicia

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why, when you’re in the middle of letting go of the familiar and stretching toward the unknown, does it feel like you’re no further than when you began?

I suppose the quote “the more I know, the less I understand” appropriately fits. I wish that when we left the familiar behind, God would automatically bring us into the new place. For example, if I were one of the children of Israel, I’d be SUPER serious about inquiring with Moses, to ask God, WHAT is this wilderness all about? Can’t we just get to the promise land? Why are we…and what do we need to do to… well, you get it (lol).

When you leave your familiar, you show God that you trust him. But it’s almost like the faith that was instantaneous in getting you to move, is stretched out across the days, months and seasons until the vision you saw in the beginning comes to pass. But what do you do while you’re stretched (sometimes literally) to the tilt? What happens when the money is stretched down to the last dollars? When the emotions feel like they’ve been through war? What happens when thoughts are exhausted and you’ve tried all the “brilliant” ideas or “one more way”? I guess I’m asking, “what happens next?”

When experts fail, or the contract doesn’t come in, and you’re staring at your walls wondering about the next move, what words do you speak? What thoughts are meditating in your heart? How do you reconcile reality with destiny?

These questions mask the real one: How loud is the inner you?

I wish the bible was written by emotional writers. I’d just like to know what Abraham felt when he got to day 45 or year 13, and God hadn’t spoken to him. Can we get a hint into how he processed? What did he tell himself, in his heart?

Likewise what you tell your heart, when you feel like you’re flying lopsided, matters. When one side of your life is headed full-steam toward destiny, and the other side is in decay: Your heart/spirit is the engine literally giving you life.

I’m reminded of these old lyrics: “Take courage my soul, and let us journey on. Tho’ the night is dark, and I am far from home. THANKS BE TO GOD, the morning light appears. The storm is passing over, the storm is passing over, the storm is passing over, Hallelu.”

It doesn’t always LOOK like what it WILL be. Don’t let what you SEE become larger than what you KNOW. The bible talks to us constantly about what IS. Remember, what is seen is temporary, but what is spiritual is eternal. So set your mind on the things God has shown your inner you. Meditate on the vision he’s given you. If you don’t have a literal picture in your mind of what your destiny looks like, use all of your grown imagination to build a clear mental picture. Then meditate on it. That’s God’s promise to you.

He won’t fail us. He’s got too much riding on our success. Join me next time as we talk more about leveling up and walking out the tough terrain that lies between “now” and “the future/destiny.”


Trisha Alicia is a Nashville based singer, songwriter and rhythm-and-word (spoken word) artist. She can be found on facebook, instagram, periscope and twitter @iAmTrishaAlicia, or via her website: