Lifestyle Feature: Wait For It

Proverbs 18:22 – “He who finds a wife finds a good thing”.  Single ladies aspiring to be wives often can quote this verse at a drop of a hat as they “wait ” to be found.  However, when the waiting game seems to be outside their time limit or comfort zone, the waiting begins to resemble pursuit often materializing in a game of hiding in plain sight and then proclaiming God has sent me my Huzzzzband.

Question, can you be considered caught if you lay your own trap? If the answer is yes, is what catches you God’s best for you? Understand that the idea of being a women pursued by a man has nothing to do with game playing or ideas of chivalry but rather aligns with God’s design for relationships. When Adam first discovered Eve he immediately recognized her value and her compatibility above all other creatures. The bible speaks of Eve being fashioned from the rib of Adam denoting that she was uniquely designed and created from a piece of his very being.  All was perfect until Eve succumbed to the temptation to follow her plan over God’s with Adam acquiescing. We know where that got them.

We must understand that God wants for us to live according to His word but our sense of timing and the misplacement of our desires will cause us to make grave errors in judgment in pursuit of our will over His.  When we wait on God and are willing to allow Him to order our steps, we can expect His best.  Your Adam will be actively pursuing you because if he is a man that is committed to God’s word, will and way he will recognize that which was made just for him.

A longing to be married can overwhelm anyone, but there’s nothing better than to be the wife of the right man rather than be the prey of “Mr. Right Now” who does not recognize you as a gift from God or understand your worth!