Lifestyle Feature: The Morning After “Breakthrough” by Trisha Alicia


Revelation & confirmation always fully snatch our lives back into place. It’s like God knows where you are, and responded with a LOUD “yes!” But, after my revelation, I struggled to identify what to do next. I knew life was waiting on me, but habits & challenges were seriously blocking me.In my last post, we learned a secret to break through “normal.” Now that we’ve cracked the surface, how do we drag ALL of us into the promise land, and not just a piece of our mentality?

In facing myself, I’ll ask you to do the same: Are you allergic to hard work? Or maybe you just worship your attention on the wrong things? While we’re here, what was the last thing you fully committed to?  Think about that for a second; we’ll get back to it. See, in society, we’re bombarded with images (and apps) to make our lives look better. We are obsessed with the finished product being polished and flawless, and we’re constantly judging ourselves and others by this standard.

We’re really good (probably too good) at fascinating about the pleasures of the destination, forgetting the potholes in the journey to get over. The obsession with “destination” has come at a most expensive cost… our work ethics. To have quiet time, or to make a comprehensive plan, for some of us, is as undesirable as catching a cold. Doubt what I say? The next time you say you “can’t find the time” remember this post. See when success is built on a series of small changes, which over time, produce the desired outcome, to have #SquadGoals or #LifeGoals (or even #RelationshipGoals) without a LeBron-James-in-the-gym work ethic will set our lives up for perpetual failure.

 It’s like right after the honeymoon phase of the new dream is over, and just before the orders/money/success comes in, all the bad habits that have been hiding creep to the surface and the energy we in the beginning, is dead. No? Oh… Well maybe your line is “It’s too hard,” or maybe “the budget is spent” or even “I’m wasting time…” But my question is, who lied?

As children of God, he says that all good & perfect things come from him. So when we get an idea that nods us in the direction of purpose, an idea that we put our faith behind, and we step out of the boat to pursue, we’re following a direction/vision from him. But if we’re walking away from something that got our faith ignited enough to WALK OUT OF COMFORT, either 1) we heard God wrong or 2) God lied, or, 3) we shouldn’t quit. So I ask again, what was the last thing you fully committed to? Where, no matter what happened, you were resolute that you would have what God said? It will take hard work. Typically, it requires no less than all we’ve got, but the reward, to finish well, is well worth it.

Join me next time as we cover more about not letting go of what God told us, even in the face of crushing adversity.


Trisha Alicia is a Nashville based singer, songwriter and rhythm-and-word (spoken word) artist. She can be found on all major social media as @iAmTrishaAlicia, or via her website: