Lifestyle Feature: Not So Different

According to an article in Relevant Magazine in 2012, approximately 80% of single Christians have engaged in premarital sex as compared to 88% of non-Christians. Divorce rates among Christians are almost at 50% with infidelity being identified at higher rates than ever before and Christians are living together at rates that are comparable to non-Christians. So the question to ponder is what makes a Christian relationship different? Have we turned our backs on biblical principles as governance for our relationships?

All things God ordains he makes provision for including relationships. However, we live in an era where living contrary to the will of God is celebrated. We have noticed couples that have articulated a desire for developing healthy relationships attempt to develop them on unstable foundations. Sadly, this is true in the Christian community as well.

People that have no relationship with the Lord rely on their own understanding living by feelings and convenience. While at times this seems logical and socially acceptable, it is also limiting. Relying on feelings often leaves us with a sense of hopelessness when the feelings don’t align with the facts. Take for example, sex without commitment still feels good but overtime leaves you feeling empty. However, God can and does make provision for ordained sexual relationships (just read Song of Songs) and in the context of a committed relationship fulfills not only our physical needs but also a deeper sense of connectedness, oneness and legacy. However, when a believer attempts to repress or abandon their knowledge of God’s will to accommodate their desires they cause a breach that translates in dysfunctional and unfulfilling relationships. Is this the way to the abundant life that God planned for us or is it what mankind has planned for God? God’s principles withstand time and trends but it requires us to believe that His ways are truly immutable. The benefit of trusting Him and not compromising our values and morals is a strengthened relationship with Him and a committed relationship with our spouses.

  • Bless the Lord. None of us are perfect and we’ve all made
    mistakes. But as members of the Body we are supposed to be set-aside and
    different from the world. The figures you present are alarming. I pray that the
    Lord purify our hearts, that the Church repents and that each of us comes to
    hate what is bad and love what is good. (2 Corinthians 7:1, Mark 7:20-23,
    Psalms 51:1,2, Romans 12:9, Amos 5:15, Proverbs 8:13).