Lifestyle Feature: Level Up: “HOW” to DO by Trisha Alicia


Our habits are powerful. They help us stay consistent, be on time for class & work, and generally help us get things done. But as it relates to destiny, routines carve canyon deep lines that become boundaries. They scream and yell to “STOP!” as we approach doing something different. They show up in every moment we second-guess and appear in every apprehension we have before speaking up.

Destiny demands that we do something different. But the way our brains are set up, “different” is NOT easy. See, I’ll bet that you don’t actively choose to DOUBT yourself. Through life you’ve learned to pipe down, dream low or (personal favorite) “be realistic.” Over time, that mentality becomes a habit. Researchers at MIT proved that when a habit is formed, the brain stops actively participating in decision making. While this isn’t an excuse for why we over-indulge or under-engage, understanding how it works can help us level up faster.

When you look your fine self in the mirror and say “today’s the day!” you’re engaging your spirit in deciding to chase destiny. But when you forget your business cards in the box on the table, your brain is to blame. Here’s how it works: There are cues that we naturally respond to, sending us into the routine, normal, regular world. Everything that you do: binge watch youtube, endlessly look at snaps, and mindlessly watch TV are just as ingrained in our minds as brushing our teeth, driving a car AND daring not to dream. They’re all habits with deep roots.

But habits are NOT permanent like dna. Well actually, people show us that even DNA isn’t permanent – but that’s someone else’s blog, LOL! Since you know it’s a habit, the money question is, how do you break it?

How do you level up?

I decided to scrap the walls of myself. I started asking really tough and sensitive questions about why I did certain actions or let myself shrink in the face of particular challenges. I didn’t accept surface answers or answers that involved casting blame at someone else. It’s MY destiny, so have to own it. For some of these questions, I ended up with a wet pillow talking to Jesus about things I never admitted out loud. After answering “why,” it was easy to see how to stop the anti-destiny habit. But stopping the anti-destiny habit isn’t enough. You have to replace it. So I found small ways to challenge & reward myself, for climbing one step closer to becoming the image that God created for me.

But you know what? Arriving in purpose or achieving destiny is never the sole goal that Christ has. The process above was what he desired me to experience. Scraping the edges of me, destroying the canyons of “can’t”: THAT’S the treasure that makes getting into his purpose sweet. . Join me next time as we talk more about the tough terrain of breaking bad habits and blooming into new creatures in Christ.

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