Lifestyle Feature: How To Kill Fear by Trisha Alicia

Oh, the lies that transition tells. Transition screams while purpose tidies everything up. Transition will tell us:

  • Your timing is off: You’re too young or too old.
  • Your timing is off: Right idea, but someone already did it.
  • Your timing is off (and you’re losing at life): Look around kid, all these people are “winning”… and all you’ve got is … what again?
  • You’re not different: Nothing is unique about what you’re trying to do.
  • You’re TOO different: No one’s done this & maybe that’s for a reason.
  • You’re not hot: No one is calling your phone. It’s too hard to infiltrate this group. Save yourself the trouble & headache.
  • I always get it wrong: The comments are so mean… but they do have a point. Maybe I should ….

Last time, we figured out how we wound up in this dynamic purpose chase. But I want to go deeper. When was the last time you thought about your purpose? I’m sure YOU have the idea, and YOU know what the destination looks like. But back up from actualizing it.

See, what we understand ABOUT our purpose is as important as understanding the details of purpose. The people we lurk admire probably have figured out what I’m about to share: Being a 1 of 1 (an original), is where your power lies. Read the sentence again. I’ll wait.

We feel pressure in the process & it makes us believe those lies. But if we believe them, then that means the plans God has for us are false. Both can’t be true. I’m either right in time, or I’ve missed it. In Jeremiah, God says “I called you before you were formed.” God desired you and your purpose. And someone needs BOTH. Learning to kill the lies helps you handle your emotions.

When we listen too close to what people say, we can fall for the handclap; believing the hype. We may find that we’ll do more for their praise than the praise of God. Or, we can fall into depression because of rejection. We may find ourselves giving up.

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, you’ll always think the fish is pointless.” Don’t you know this is universally true?

  • Who you are matters: No one will do it quite like you will.
  • How you do it matters: Who else has your perspective? In 100 people, no 2 will execute the same.
  • Where you come from & are matters: These experiences (even the ones you think are boring) are rich. Queue them up so you can be Curry to someone’s KD, aka so you can assist someone. (Sorry I’m a basketball fan, lol)

Don’t quit before the finish line because you’re all up in your feelings. How do YOU kill the lies? Talk to me on Twitter (@iamTrishaAlicia); I’m always interested in hearing new strategies, because we’re in this together.

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I’m a nerd (a chemical engineer) that followed purpose from factories into writing, worship & music. I’m based in Nashville but am on all major social media as @iamTrishaAlicia. Check out my website to read more blogs where I talk about being a millennial walking by faith at: