Lifestyle Feature: “How To Hang On When Life Hates You” by Trisha Alicia


“They asked for my resignation,” she said. I sat on the other side of the phone speechless. Every second felt a minute long, all while my brain screamed at my heart to come up with something profound. Naturally, being somewhat emotionally-awkward in these types of situations, my business corporate voice kicked in, and thoughtfully said “What?!” (LOL) As she delved into her workplace nightmare, I thought about her financial situation & her perspective to get a new job, quickly. But the Spirit in me began talking before my logic could break out my paper for a brainstorm.

In my last post, internally, there were lots of questions. But what do you do when those fears, thoughts or opinions become “fact”? What Hallmark card do you give when someone’s livelihood is wiped out?

Before you deal with ANY emotions or make any plans, figure out who you are and where you find identity. It’s never too late to visit (or revisit) this step. Turmoil challenges every insecurity, so it’s important to get grounded before the personal world takeover begins. See, when the rug is pulled out from beneath you, like with my friend, insecurities are target practice. Is your hair not up to date? Do you have the “right” education? Well maybe your accent is too noticeable. Self-confident? Maybe you come off as arrogant. Maybe your leadership style is too aggressive or you need to be more hands. See? Get grounded.

Lasting grounding comes from Christ. Use Google or the search feature in your bible app to find scriptures on every aspect of who you are, beginning with the top of your day. God promises us REST and SLEEP, which are vital to a better morning. Say those scriptures along with ones that affirm that you’re at the right place at the right time with the right anointing and right information for the right opportunity! Knowing the scriptures will help you answer voices of negativity & insecurity inside you. Don’t rush through or delay this step. (And for your sake, please don’t assume that you “know it already.”)

After this foundation reset, take inventory of where God wants you in this season. That was what the Holy Spirit led me to share with my friend. I spoke about how much of a good father God is, and how she hears from him clearly. I was led to share the level of detail God goes to, in planning our lives and emphasize that God is not a respecter of persons. No one has a back door deal with God and gets better treatment. SINCE that’s true, it applied to my friend, and applies to you. God will not be silent and when we ask for wisdom & counsel, HE WILL PROVIDE. Do things that take you outside of your routine, to different places like a different bible study or service. Remember, you’re working to rest in this season of turmoil, so worship is precisely the place you need to be.

Once you have an idea of where God wants you, find scriptures that support it. Change doesn’t come easy, so get your ammunition ready boo! As you spend time in God’s presence, the steps and ideas will flow. If not, be gentle with yourself and take time doing things outside of your normal routine. With the free time my friend had, she began attending a weekly worship service and God spoke to her about her next steps. The transition wasn’t easy but she had peace in the process.

Join me next time as we talk through ways to spot in-transition people.

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Trisha Alicia is a Nashville based singer, songwriter and rhythm-and-word (spoken word) artist. She can be found on all major social media as @iAmTrishaAlicia, or via her website: