Lifestyle Feature: How A Revelation Freed My Heart To Sing by Trisha Alicia

Are you the sum of what you’ve gone through, or is there more to you? The dreaded questions ‘who are you? And what are you doing while you’re here?’ bait our minds into restless short nights. Since our lives are like music lines, let me ask you — How many times have you sung a song and not REALLY known what the lyrics were saying? I remember riding down the highway coming home from my second “real job” after college and singing along to a song that I learned in high school. I had a moment. The real meaning hit me! Seeing this old song in a new way, was sweet & sour. I was happy for finally “getting it” but frustrated it took me “so long.”

As God started to show me what I was really on earth for, I felt like I was back on that highway. See, I knew myself. I was introspective, thoughtful & sought God to direct my path. But when he began to reveal the depth and the tasks he created me to handle, it was like I was seeing my “old-to-me” self with brand new eyes. The reality was, I was seeing myself the way Christ saw me.

How can a revelation bring such joy and sadness? That emotional complexity is the equivalent of an emcee dropping the mic at the end of a rap battle! I found myself asking God was he sure he had the right person! After I put the first wave of self-doubt aside, a very deep part of me got satisfied. The God-space place, in my heart, that no thing (person, job, material possession or desire) in life ever could fill or speak to, but God.

Like lyrics I was understanding for the first time, I could see the nuances in my life through God’s eyes in a bigger way. Feeling like I was “supposed” to have/do more, was God’s way of getting me to sing his song. The tug away from wherever I was in life was like me humming a melody that I’d forgotten the words to – but God had already placed it IN me. He had need of me, so why would he NOT place his desire in me? That was the most refreshing part of the revelation. God had need of ME! It didn’t matter if I was late (by my standards), broken, mistaken-prone or even doubtful. He strongly desires to use me!

Like those lyrics that hit when they were supposed to, the desires he placed in me blossomed to move my life to the space he’d already prepared for me, before he created me. The same is true for everyone. We have one job: Do not stop letting his melody develop. He has a very creative way of putting things together. It shows his deep level of brilliance, his perfect knowledge and his ability to make a masterpiece out of our “mistakes.” What lyrics in your life are you understanding, new for the first time? Join me next week as we find beautiful harmonies that support the work that Christ is doing in us all.

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Trisha Alicia is a Soul ATK Music singer, songwriter, and rhythm-and-word artist living in Nashville, TN. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope & Twitter: @iAmTrishaAlicia. Visit her website:


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