Lifestyle Feature: Finding Your Key by Trisha Alicia

Why is music the one thing that sees so many pieces of our lives? Music is like a best friend. We listen to music at the gym, in our cars, while studying or working; it chases our distractions when we shop & interrupts deep thoughts by barging in through car windows as it passes by. Since I’m a musician, it’s only natural that I use music to look deeper into life.

Music is likely the only art form that can transpose us back to the very moment we first experienced (heard) it. Photos have that power, and we see that power through sites like Instagram. Although you’re not turning to Instagram to help you worship Christ! In a way, music speaks for us from a connection that extends from the speakers straight through to our hearts. Let’s face it, music is the paintbrush that colors the moments of our lives.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve felt like there was “more.” My view was that there was “more” than what my immediate surroundings were showing me. So I did what most do. I attempted to be the best I could be: Work hard, be smart, etc. Yet even in the highs and lows, the pull of more stuck with me like a song whose chorus I found myself singing when I wasn’t aware. Being the millennial that I am, I went on a chase to find out what it was. And a most curious set of circumstances began to unfold that, for me, have led to new melodies being made in a life I thought I had already planned out.

I found myself in a new city, in a new industry and doing new things. You would think the scripture in Jeremiah about God knowing us before we were in our mother’s womb and the one in Isaiah about God doing a new thing would be my mantra. Nope!  But we are all incomplete melodies searching for our chorus lines, to help us “make sense” of the music from our limited perspective. That’s why I believe we love music. Because subconsciously, the changes in music, from the intro to the verses to the choruses, to the vamps; the introduction of new instruments and chord progressions and changes: Somewhere deep inside, they remind us of ourselves and our lives. So we play the music understanding that just like the composer made notes and rhythms make sense, so is Christ, making sense of our sharps and flats. He’s legit building our greatest hit, right in front of our eyes.

He’s our inspiration and is giving our life a wonderful melody. As we watch the pieces come together, we get to appreciate the nuances that come from a loving Father that always completes his work. Transitions have a funny way of making us feel completely torn apart, alive, yet seriously focused to be better. Join me every week as we walk through the beauty of this challenge. And don’t be so hard on yourself – your melody might be just beginning in a new key!

About Trisha Alicia


Trisha Alicia is a Soul ATK Music singer, songwriter, and rhythm-and-word artist living in Nashville, TN. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope & Twitter: @iAmTrishaAlicia. Visit her website: