Lifestyle Feature: AIR TRAVEL 101 – Part 3 – SIT BACK AND RELAX By Veronica Brown


Hello everyone, Blessing to all.

Your choice of seating is one of the things that can make or break your travel experience. The airline you are traveling with may have a variety of different types of aircraft to transport passengers to and from city to city or across oceans and continents.

How to get “The Best Seat In The House”.

Find Out About Your Aircraft:

Call your airline or go online to find out what aircraft type will be used for your destination. You have an option to leave your seat assignment up to the airline, or you can take control and choose your own seat assignment online. Which class you will be traveling? First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, Economy class? Find out what each class has to offer. Each class has a different price rate.

What Is Available:

Most of the time the Airline leave it up to the computer to assign seats in your chosen class of service, much like a lottery. Online booking websites let you pick seats when you make your reservation, and airlines will try to honor those requests, pending availability at time of check-in. Some web sites will show you the aircraft’s seat configuration or seat map These sites will show you what seats are available and occupied 11 months in advance for over 100 airlines worldwide. Seek out seat comfort reports to help in your decision making.

Think Twice About An Exit Row Seating:

The common belief among air travelers is that exit row seats are among the best seat in the house, and airlines have learned to cash in on this assumption, offering exit row seating as choice seating for an additional fee of sometimes a s high as One Hundred Dollars. Fact is that in general exit row seats offer additional leg room. But if there are two exit rows behind one another, the forward row will not recline, so that seat backs will not intrude into the space behind it. By design, Exit row seats have less width and no removable arm rests, as the tray table is stowed in the fixed armrest.

Exit row seats are the perfect choice for tall people, because of the extra leg room they offer. They are terribly uncomfortable, though, for a person of size (width).

Airlines Save The Best Seats For Last:

Airlines will hold a number of choice seats to be occupied by their most frequent fliers. In general, these choice seats can be released to other passengers fifteen minutes prior to departure. When you check-in at the gate, feel free to ask is one of the blocked seats may become available.

Be aware Of The “Lay-Flat Seat Lie”:

On long haul international flights and some domestic coast to coast flights, business class and foirst class seats offer higher comfort. The holy grail is to be able to lay perfectly flat in the seat. While some airlines can truly make this statement, others use the term Lay Flat Seat more liberally. While they may be nice and comfortable seats, they are not lay-flat seats., but more like your favorite recliner at home.

As A Last Resort:

Once on board the aircraft, after the “boarding complete” announcement has been made, nicely ask your Flight Attendant if there is a different seat available, maybe with a little extra comfort or leg room, and ask if it is OK to move there. Be prepared that your request may be denied.

Please always keep in mind that front line airline employees like counter and gate agents, flight attendants, are human, too. They will do their best to accommodate your requests, but sometimes they may simply not be able to do so. Please remain courteous and polite. Believe me, they perfectly understand your anger and frustration.

Happy Travels & God’s Blessings during this busy Holiday Season


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