Lifestyle Feature: AIR TRAVEL 101 by Veronica Brown

Hello! I am Veronica Brown.

First and foremost, I am a singer and recording artist.  Before I began my solo career, my group “The Preachers’ Daughters” and I performed for the United Service Organizations/Department Of Defense (USO/DOD).  We entertained the military staff and their families in various territories around the globe.

Our first tour took us to Iceland for two weeks, then on to the rest of Europe, flying from base to base, from city to city. A few months later, the show took us to Israel, Egypt, and other parts of the African continent. I had no idea where the journey of my music career would lead me. Touring Israel certainly was one of the highlights. It was our first opportunity to entertain a vast audience, people as far as the eye could see, many nations in attendance.

Exploring, sharing the gift of song in the same land, the Old Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem of the Jewish Jesus of Nazareth of Galilee, our Savior. Service to others truly is the rent we pay here on earth.

For the last 18 years, I have also been blessed with a fantastic career as a Flight Attendant.

If you are a singer, musician, recording artist, you will most likely have to travel by air sooner or later.

In this blog, I want to share some insider tips related to air travel, from a flight attendant’s point of view but also from that of a singer and recording artist who travels a lot by air. I will provide you with helpful information for your safe, economic and time saving travel experience, whether you are flying for your business or for personal leisure.

There are various phases of air travel from planning and purchasing tickets to packing and actually flying: How much time in advance should you purchase your airline ticket?  According to Huffington Post, you should book within the “Prime Booking Window” which is between 112 and 21 days before your trip. This will typically keep you near or at the lowest ticket rate. Ideally, you should purchase your ticket between 54 and 42 days prior to travel.

If you think you will get a lower rate by purchasing at the last minute, you are wrong.  Those who bought tickets between thirteen and seven days before departure, paid an average of $75.00 or more. On average an airline ticket will cost about $200.00 extra when booked seven days of departure.

If your destination is a popular location during high-flying season, like spring break in Florida, please book well before the “Prime Booking Window” begins. The same principle applies for flights to hard-to-reach airports in small cities. There is no airline competition in these areas, so it is unlikely for ticket prices to drop.

Foreign countries are popular destinations, with hard-to-reach airports, according to researchers they suggest booking earlier than 54 days in advance.

Here are eight rules of thumb to get a cheap airfare:

  1. Book six to seven weeks in advance: It’s not a surefire strategy for cheapest tickets, but according to ARC’s data and managing on average it works.
  1. Scan for morning deals: Airlines are known to release a limited number of seats at reduced rates at night. These tickets may sell out later in the day. But the early morning may be the time when most of these deals are available.
  1. The best time to buy appears to be on Tuesdays around 3 pm Eastern Standard Time. This applies to domestic flights only.
  1. Cheapest, day to fly: Studies indicate the cheapest day to fly is Wednesday for domestic travel. Open seats need to be filled. Cheap tickets can be obtained for flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The most expensive days are Fridays and Sundays.
  1. Fly out early: You may have to get up at 2 am, but the early flight is typically one of the cheapest, followed by flight that depart during lunch and dinner hours. The absolute cheapest, however, are the red eye flights departing around midnight.
  1. Check low-cost airlines’ ticket prices through their individual websites. Most low-cost airlines like Southwest in the US or Ryan Air in Europe don’t allow their tickets to be quoted on popular comparison websites.
  1. Sign up for free alerts from websites who monitor ticket prices: They will alert you when prices fall.
  1. Build a relationship: If you are a frequent flyer member or have a credit card that is sponsored by an airline, you have a leg up already. The more the airline knows about you, the more they will tailor their offers to you, Offers such as free checked bags or upgraded seats.

Flight Attendant is the most sought after position in aviation, and a number of books have been written about the extraordinary opportunities that the career of a Flight Attendant brings. While this may be true for the majority of Flight Attendants, it requires a great deal of situational awareness.

Veronica has a new single out entitled “My God” and is in the process of finishing her book on the subject of Flight Attendant.

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