Lifestyle Feature: 5 Reasons To Continue Dating Your Spouse

Having a weekly “Date night” has become a cliché among marriage advice blogs and books so why are we adding to the fray? Because we know that carving out time for one another is vitally essential to having a healthy and productive relationship AND because it’s how you got together in the first place AND it’s one of the ways you will stay together happily! AND….we can go on and on about this topic because it is truly that important.  There are so many things vying for your time and attention that it’s easy to get in a rut and take each other for granted.  If you want to keep the excitement, romance, and the sexy in your marriage, you have to do the things that will maintain it.

5 practical reasons to continue dating your spouse:


  • To acknowledge that you VALUE your spouse/relationship enough to make the investment (Time, Money & Presence) – Making time and setting aside provisions for dating your spouse tells them how valuable they are to you.  It reflects importance whenever we purpose to do something and we make the time for it!!
  • To create memories that are enjoyable and pleasant that become part of your story – Just like we have to deposit healthy food into our bodies in order to get the optimal use out of them we must deposit fun and positive memories into our marriages to maintain healthy relationships.  Enjoying the company of your spouse helps to endure the not so pleasant times.
  • To communicate that they are desirable – Honestly, there is nothing more enticing than to be desired. To know that your spouse is devoting a specific time to connect with you without distraction is priceless to the health of the relationship.  Having intimate moments to share with each other how much you love them and how attracted you are to them will help to create a lasting environment of intimacy
  • To discover new interests- keeping things fresh within your marriage is vitally important. Dating is perfect way to make time to try out a new hobby or interest together. Been thinking about zip lining, paintball, kayaking, learning to salsa? Why not make it a date?
  • Foreplay – nothing is sexier than or will get you in the mood like spending some quality time reconnecting.  Looking your spouse directly in the eye and sharing your love for them will raise the temperature in the room.  Remember that unbridled passion you had for each other when you were anticipating being close to each other?  That seductive dinner, walks on the beach all cuddled up or holding hands in the movies?  Reignite that passion by spending quality moments focused on the love of your life.  We guarantee that setting the mood will improve your sex life tremendously!