Lifestyle Feature: 2017 – A Transition Year? by Trisha Alicia

Sometimes, we’re just Not. We’re not the people we used to be, but we’re not quite the person God’s calling us to become. In other words, we don’t “fit” the situations that used to make us happy, but the door hasn’t opened up for the next level. So what’s going on?

We took a break from talking about ways to hang in/hold on to talk about 10 ways we give up on our promises, which was my last post. As the calendar year changed, it was important to remind you of the ways that we give up. Hopefully with the resolutions and goals intact for 2017, you can avoid the pitfalls that we went over in that blog. Print it out, share it with a friend, check out my social media for the infographic on it, and keep those 10 fresh. You know the enemy doesn’t have new tricks!

BUT, before we took that pause, I promised that we would look at ways to spot that you’re actually in transition or a rut. We’ll touch on 3 ways to spot in transition (IT) people and deal with the other 3 in the next blog. As you read this, remember the call God has for us is ALWAYS upward, higher and greater. Being an IT person isn’t easy, but the rewards make it worthwhile.

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If you’re an IT person, you may find that you’ve got a LOT happening in your spirit and your mind. You get ideas that you’ve never thought of, or have a passion to do something you’ve not been successful at in the past. With these new ideas, you may find that you’ve got a new path to implement the idea. For example, if you never read through the bible, maybe this season you found friends who have the same passion, and you all go through the same reading plan. Or maybe you’re starting a new business and you found like-minded people who are not in competition with you but who really support you.

IT people have emotions that are begging to be discerned by safe people. Transition forces IT people to evaluate many parts of their life through new lenses. Relationships are also seen with new eyes. But, not everyone is psychologically safe to share our newness with. IT people need friends/family/spiritual advisors that provide psyche safety. People who they can go and vent, cry, be challenged by and pray with.

IT people likely feel pressure to move on their destiny NOW. To use the analogy of childbirth, I’m told women have an urge to push. It’s not something someone else tells them, it’s what they feel, and they know they have to do it NOW. That same pressure can be felt within IT people. There’s something they NEED to do. And they NEED to do it… NOW. They vocalize or demonstrate this pressure with regularity.

Another aspect of emotion is the fact that it’s present. IT people frequently experience the ups and downs of chasing destiny. Feelings of being stretched to discomfort because of the growth, feeling inadequate because of new opportunity and loneliness in pioneering something new are all complex emotions that bubble beneath the surface. For those of us who don’t show emotions easily, we might withdraw more to our logical sides. For people who show their emotions, they may seem like they’re “all over the place.” Either way, when you see a person who looks like they have a LOT going on internally, it may be an indication of an IT person.

Join me next week as we talk through the remaining characteristics of IT people. Are you one? Did this help? Take a second and let’s connect on Twitter (@iAmTrishaAlicia). I’d love to hear from you.

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Trisha Alicia is a Nashville based engineer turned singer, songwriter and rhythm-and-word (spoken word) artist. She can be found on all major social media as @iAmTrishaAlicia, or via her website:

  • Bryndan Loritts

    Outstanding! My soul was deeply blessed as I was confronted and challenged to change. Thank you Trisha for these words of truth. May the Hand of God continue to rest upon your life and ministry.

    • trisha Alicia

      Thanks for reading & for your prayers.

  • trisha Alicia

    Thanks for reading! Yes IT people can get stuck, for sure. We’re dope but we’re still human, LOL. 🙂

    There are two variations though: Sometimes it’s an idea that we can’t let go of. I would suspect that the idea is a passion that’s turning into purpose. Other times, we just feel like we can’t move forward. Here, deeper inspection is necessary. Some IT people just haven’t gotten to the real root of their transition & have activity happening in the wrong area. These people ARE in transition, but probably are busy for the sake of being busy. But other IT people haven’t identified the root emotion that causes them to not move forward. Once we identify that emotion & process/handle it right, I think we get freed up to take the next step of the journey.

  • Shante M. King

    I love the fact that you pointed this out: “Feelings of being stretched to discomfort because of the growth, feeling inadequate because of new opportunity and loneliness in pioneering something new are all complex emotions that bubble beneath the surface.” Knowing others are facing this encourages me to push. #I’mNotAlone 🙂 Thanks TrishaAlicia

    • trisha Alicia

      Thanks for reading. Yeessss we are all uncomfortably growing & secretly wanting to snap on the person who asks “why you gotta do all that?” I’m with you girl!!! They’ll catch up to where we’re being taken by Christ.