Lifestyle Feature: 10 Ways You Give Up What’s Yours & How To Stop! by Trisha Alicia


The real battle field is not on the soil of your soul. In my last post, we talked about how to hang on, when life hates you, and now that we’re in the full holiday season, do you know all the ways you forget your promises? If you’re an “in-transition” person, it’s time to eliminate the 10 defeating ways that you let go of your promises.

Remember the battlefield isn’t people or your “stuff.” It’s in the space between your two ears. See, what you believe will impact what you do, and what you do is ultimately who you become. We are what we repeatedly do. Below are 10 ways that we forget our promises. Which ones are you?

  1. Focus on the negative.
    1. While life is full of ups and downs, the major way that WE forget/let go of God’s promises to us, is by focusing on the negativity happening around us. The statement usually goes a little like this: “Well if God was doing _______ then why is _______ like that or happening to me?” We all are critics. But being critical about all the negativity is placing the power of your focus in the wrong direction.
  2. Speak about what’s NOT happening
    1. Likewise, when we don’t see a promise coming to pass, we tend to talk about how our life is NOT producing what we thought it should. We talk about how we DON’T have the grades/job/money/know-how. The bible says call those things that be not, as though they were. Meaning, if it’s not there, call it! You don’t call someone who’s in the room with you. You call someone who’s not there. And then you wait for them to show up. We should do the same thing with our promises. If they’re not here, call them! The tongue is capable of life and death. Speak life.
  3. Ask God to give it to us a particular way
    1. Why do we challenge God to bless us in a specific way? He’s the God of all time, spoke all of existence into being, keeps planets aligned and yet we don’t have enough faith to trust that he knows how to handle our needs… so we say “God bless me like this!” Some will write back and say that God asks us to be specific in our requests, and that’s true. BUT, should we be more wrapped up in HOW he does it or THAT he does it? Ima leave that right there…
  4. Discredit the good
    1. Often times, because the “big” promise hasn’t come through yet, or, the promise came and it required more work, we discredit the good that it’s brought. “Well I got a new job, but it wasn’t the job I wanted.” Why do we do that? We sorta seem like the hard-to-please customer. So maybe because God knows that we have short attention spans, he has to give it to us in increments, so that we don’t ruin ourselves by getting too much, too soon.
  5. Constantly question aka interrogate the circumstance
    1. There’s a small significant group of people who should’ve become private investigators or gone into criminal justice… Because they we are able to put the pieces together boo! Don’t come for us. We’ll have the tea on everything. But is this messing up your faith life? Like perhaps maybe getting your promise will require you to have a little trust in the process? Like a chair, you don’t investigate it by measuring the legs before you sat your happy self in it… you looked at it, it looked like it was functional and you sat/rested in the chair. Do the same with your promise boo. Have faith and rest. It’ll bless ya.
  6. Use our own plans
    1. Whoooooooo! The promise ain’t here yet, so let me just work my plan B until Jesus does…. You know what – just don’t do it. Stop.
  7. Think silence is denial
    1. If the promise is GPS, then we all know that silence doesn’t mean you’re lost or that you’ve missed your destination. In fact, the opposite is true. If GPS is hollering at you, it’s likely because you’re OFF THE ROUTE. So if you feel like God is “hiding his face” or “not hearing your prayers,” stop thinking negative!! Maybe he’s just relaxing because you’re exactly where you need to be. And like a cake baking in the oven, he’s watching you.
  8. Think our timetable is God’s
    1. Our concept of time is JACKED. You have teenagers talking about they’re getting old and seasoned people feeling like they missed their time to shine. I’ma just say a few things: Rehab. Ruth. Sarah. Moses. Paul. All of them had something JACKED up about their life & none of them had the whole David moment where a prophet came and anointed them as a youth. And if that’s too far back, look at Pastor Caesar & her #1 hit (from 1989), in 2016! That’s PROOF that our concept of time and when something should happen is trash money. I hate to say it but “let go and let God.” For real… there’s nothing that he’s called you to do that he’s going to let you miss. It’s his plan!
  9. Lower our expectations
    1. We put our faith in God and then when we think he’s close to failure, we lower our expectations or help him out. After all, we wouldn’t want people to think God was a liar…. Smh. Think I’m lying? I bet there are situations you can think of where you said “well if God wanted me to ______ this, then it would’ve happened. I must have heard him wrong.” A promise is a promise. God can’t lie or fail.
  10. Give up.
    1. Our promises are ours. There’s nothing that can mimic the voice of God or replace the evidence of God moving in our lives. We get so programmed by anti-God voices that we can see how a prayer DIDN’T get answered instead of looking at the evidence of the love of God that’s happening all around us. DON’T let your distractions take over your mind. Once they do, they’ll rule your life, because the state of your mind impacts everything that you see.

Depending on the situation, I’ve been each one of these. But now that I know better, I do better… And I don’t forget what’s mine. Cuz I’m coming for them ALL. Who’s with me?!

Join me next time where we’ll talk about how to charge into the new year with feet already running.

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Trisha Alicia is a Nashville based singer, songwriter and rhythm-and-word (spoken word) artist. She can be found on all major social media as @iAmTrishaAlicia, or via her website: