Lady LaVarnga G. Hubbard, “The Duchess of Gospel” Releases New Single: I GOT BETTER COMING

Get ready to clap your hands! Not in applause, but in worship and praise. Chicago native, Lady LaVarnga G. Hubbard takes you to church with her new single, I GOT BETTER COMING (Utopia Music Group).

I GOT BETTER COMING is a down-home anthem of faith set to traditional music. Lady Hubbard makes a bold proclamation that even though, “Times got rough, and times got sad… I remembered Jesus makes me glad. I won’t give up… and I won’t give in, because in the end I know I will win.”

Bishop Larry D. Trotter, Founder and CEO of Utopia Music Group, is excited about Lady Hubbard’s new single. The song encourages, uplifts and inspires listeners to never give up, because there is always hope, in spite of life’s difficulties.

A dedicated and active member of Ricky Dillard & The New Generation Chorale… (Featured on hits such as “Lift Up Your Head”, “Let The Redeemed of the Lord”, and “Let Us All Go Back”), Lady Hubbard is not a newcomer to the Gospel music industry.

She is a Stellar Awards and Chicago Music Awards Nominee. And, she has recorded several songs with other distinguished gospel artists through the years. Among them are: The Chicago Mass Choir (“Call Him Up,” which is featured on WOW 2003 and her freshman project), and her pastor, Bishop Larry D. Trotter & The Sweet Holy Spirit Church (“I Got What I Needed”).

Known for her energetic stage presence, Lady La Varnga has been blessed to minister both nationally and internationally. It was in Germany where she earned the name and was crowned the “Duchess of Gospel Music”.

I GOT BETTER COMING is available on iTunes and other online digital music retailers.