Karew Records Release Singles From Popular Background Vocalist David Daughtry

An essential fixture within the gospel music and entertainment industries for more than a decade, David Daughtry, vocalist, musician and praise and worship leader, who is known for his energetic presentation of songs, is taking the leap to center stage with the release of his two-track single, “God Is Great (Leap!)/You Kept Me,” available at iTunes now.

A Karew Records release, God is Great-LEAP!” is a foot stomping, hand clapping, call and response song sure to become an anthem in churches internationally.  “The LEAP in the song is literal, says Daughtry.  “I was leading the gospel standard, ‘God is Great’ during praise and worship at West Angeles and I broke into the gospel classic, ‘I Don’t Know What You Come To Do.’  “As I went through the song, I did everything I sang,” he explains.  “I clapped my hands and stomped my feet, and when I sang ‘Leap for Joy,’ I leapt and so did everyone in the church. It became so popular that everyone wants me to sing that song wherever I go.”

“With his new partnership with Karew Records, Daughtry is excited about the opportunity to expand the reach of his music ministry to a worldwide audience.  “I have beenblessed to travel as far as the shores of Africa and the islands of Turks and Caicos, spreading the gospel, but I believe there is so much more for me to do, both in ministry and my professional music career,” he says.

“My goal is to bridge the gap between the old and the new, transcending denomination, culture, and generations. And as the Word says, I declare, that my eyes have not seen, nor have my ears heard, neither can my mind conceive of the good things that God has prepared for me. The best is truly yet to come!”

When asked how he feels being the newest artist added to Karew Records, Daughtry exclaims, “You can’t even imagine how I feel.  My greatest inspiration in gospel music has always been the Clark Sisters. I own every recording they’ve ever made and now I’m on a label with them.”

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