Javon Inman to Release New Single on July 7, 2015

Touted as one of Gospel music’s heavy-hitting worship leaders, Javon Inman is set to release his new single, “Empty Me,” on July 7, 2015.“The new song is an anthem for people who have finally come to the end of themselves and are sick of screwing up because they’ve been doing life their own way,” Inman says. “The song is a heart-cry for the person who realizes that God’s way is the only option to reach their divine destiny.”

Javon Inman experienced unprecedented success after the debut of his breakout project, Heart of a Worshiper, in 2011. His music has won him numerous awards and accolades, but more importantly is the deep, soul-uplifting connection he has made with listeners around the globe. His vocal delivery and honesty about the highs and lows of life are the winning combination that has his music in heavy rotation in the U.S., Africa, the U.K., and the Caribbean islands.

When asked about his controversial Gospel love song, “Beautiful Girl (Date-Night Song),” which gained R&B national attention in 2014, Inman unapologetically responds, “The Gospel wasn’t meant to be confined to four walls and a pulpit on Sunday mornings. God is love. Marriage is a reflection of God’s covenant with the Church. For that reason, the enemy wants to destroy marriages. Married couples need to know that celebrating each other is OK, especially a man expressing his intimate love for his wife, much like how God celebrates His love for us. Anytime Radical brushes up against Tradition there’s always going to be Resistance, but I’m unbothered by it. I have to be obedient to God, first. That is why “Beautiful Girl (Date-Night Song)” was created…out of obedience.”


If Inman’s success with his previous hit singles, “Redeemer,” “Come Home,” and “Beautiful Girl (Date-Night Song)” are an indication of what lies ahead for the passionate worshiper, Gospel music fans can expect another authentic, life-changing, worship experience with “Empty Me.”