Javon Inman Pushes The Envelope With New Single

As another exceptional year for Javon Inman is quickly coming to a close, he and his team are excitedly preparing to impact Urban/Adult Contemporary and Gospel radio with his new single to be released in January 2014. The anticipation of the singer/songwriter’s upcoming release continues to build in the music industry and with listeners both stateside and abroad.

Inman’s eyes light up like Christmas when asked about his new song, “It’s one of the greatest songs I’ve ever written because it’s just very honest. It exposes another side of my heart that many don’t know and I’m excited to share it,” he says passionately. “The musicians (Clifford R. Flowers, Duane X. Gray, Todd Gholar, Eric Burke, Antione Hookes, Jr., and David Tauler) set the track on FIRE! But it’s the out-of-the-church-box message that delivers and definitely pushes the envelope. I just want to sing about the real life issues God has laid on my heart…freely.”

Javon Inman’s ground-breaking CD “Heart of a Worshiper,” which yielded radio hits “Come Home,” Unleash Your Power,” and “Redeemer,” propelled him as one of the top recording artists to watch. Remarkably, in just two short years, this independent artist has received numerous awards including Male Artist of the Year, Single of the Year, and Artist of the Year. Listeners can expect a new sound with the same mission – to create timeless music – even if the new single colors outside traditional lines…