James L. Walker, Jr. – “This Business of Urban Music: A Practical Guide to Achieving Success in the Industry”

“It is critical that an artist understands very early on how important his team can be in developing his or her career. Likewise, for urban artists, producers, and managers to comfortably prepare for a career post-music, it is important to understand not just the music business, but the corporate legalities in setting up a business and running a label.”

This Business of Urban Music is the first reference book all about the business side of gospel and urban music. It’s also “The first reference book to offer sound business and legal advice specifically tailored to these areas of the music industry.” The book is “written on the fundamentals of entertainment law from an urban perspective. The book includes stories about figures in the urban music business, which helps to illustrate the more advanced points of entertainment law. The book applies these scenarios to intricate contracts to help the reader understand how contracts in the entertainment industry work.”

Readers can expect to gain insight on:

  • Securing a record deal
  • Starting a label
  • Publishing music, marketing and promoting
  • Signing as a group
  • Signing a Management Agreement
  • Joining a Performance Rights Organization
  • Understanding Copyright Law
  • Songwriter Contracts and Publishing Deals

The great value of the book is that, “This is the information that today’s musicians need. With insightful examples, quotes, and anecdotes from dozens of top artists and executives, This Business of Urban Music is entertaining as well as informative.”



Author James J. Walker, Jr., is a leading entertainment lawyer, representing such well-known clients as BET host Dr. Bobby Jones; award-winning writer/producer/arranger Donald Lawrence; WNBA Star Ruthie Bolton-Holifield; Grammy Award Winners Hezekiah Walker, Shirley Caesar, Albertina Walker, Tramaine Hawkins, and Yolanda Adams, and phenomenal international minister Jackie McCullough, and many others.

Now he brings his years of professional expertise in litigation, business, intellectual property, and corporate law to This Business of Urban Music. “In writing this book,” says Walker, “My hope was to create a book that was respected across music genres of urban music… and inform and also change the everyday thinking of thousands of artists and songwriters who knock down the doors of this business of urban music hoping to gain fame, glory, and wealth with little regard for the business.

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