Introducing The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook 3rd Edition by Bobby Owsinski

With so much mixing now done almost entirely “in the box,” this updated edition focuses more on how the pros are using their DAWs to create mixes that are more analog sounding and precise than ever. Now you can learn those same techniques.

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook 3rd edition retains everything that made it a favorite of musicians and engineers everywhere, and now includes a new Advanced chapter that covers the many operations that today’s mixer is now expected to provide, like:

  • Track cleanup
  • Adjusting track timing
  • Pitch correction
  • Sound replacement
  • Automation techniques

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook 3rd Edition is available in book or Kindle version from Amazon or at book and music stores near you. Read a few excerpts at




Bobby Owsinski is a producer/engineer, and a music and technology advisor. He has authored 16 books on recording, music, and the music business.

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