Gospel Artist Sue Neil says Thank You to Radio and Supporters!

As the wheels keep turning and excitement builds around Gospel artist Sue Neil and the digital release of her first single, “Shining” on September 23rd on Rebel Hill Entertainment, radio adds and support pour in from across the country.

Sue Neil’s powerful testimony of redemption partnered with the radio single’s uplifting message have gotten the attention of several program directors and new supporters of her music.

As a lead single, “Shining” has been added to several National and online radio stations and has received great reviews from online media and Gospel Music lovers.

Click and Listen-Radio Single SHINING

As a new artist and Pastor, Sue Neil is humbled by the love and support from radio and listeners of her music.

“I would like to send out a huge thank you to radio, media and listeners for accepting me as a new artist and for affording me the precious moments to share my songs and heart with you all. I’m thrilled and extremely grateful for the opportunity to glorify God with your help. Thank you so much for your love and support that is truly a blessing and an honor to me.”

Sue is also grateful for the lessons learned during her musical beginnings as a young child, singing with her family’s Gospel band.

“I’d been singing and playing the keyboards with my family, the Noel Family gospel band since the age of seven. A big voice for a little girl, I realized during school assemblies that I could stay in tune when others around me couldn’t. My first recording session happened at twelve years old, I’d written my first song, five years later and since then to date, well over three hundred songs have been penned.”