Gospel Artist Corey Barksdale says Education is the Best Weapon that Youth can Have

As youth across the country prepare for the new school year, parents, community leaders, churches and music artists are working hard to promote education and peace in our schools and communities.

From the Gospel Music arena, several artists, including newcomer, Corey Barksdale have made a commitment to encouraging youth through service and mentorship.

As a singer, songwriter and advocate of education, Corey shared his thoughts on why education is the key to producing successful youth.

“An education is the best weapon any young person can have in the city they live in. It’s not a cliché, Knowledge, Really is Power!

Just like having a savings account, a child becomes more valuable and effective, the more you invest into them. We have to educate our children.

We can always get a glimpse of our future leaders by looking at our children today. If we want strong leadership, we must have strong education. If we want a bright future, let’s make sure our children are bright. Education is the key!”

Barksdale also expressed his passion for giving to others and helping families and youth in his community of Chicago, IL.

“I’m a giver, that’s one big part of me, Every job I work in is about giving and it’s about being in service to other people.”

“Between working on his music and performing, Corey Barksdale works as a mentor with One Summer Chicago, which gives youth jobs during the summer months. And if that’s not enough, he also dedicates time to helping parents and students find resources like transportation.”

Throughout the month of August, Corey Barksdale will participate in several “Peace in the Community and Back to School Rallies” in Illinois and Indiana. On Friday, August 15th, Corey will join the Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church for its annual “Back 2 School Rally” in Gary, IN.

The following day, August 16th, Barksdale will participate in the “No Fear/Back to School Event”, sponsored by Christ Centered Ministries in Chicago, IL.

Closing out the month of August, Corey Barksdale will sing and join leaders from the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area for the “Uniting in Peace Rally” on Saturday, August 23rd.

“An education is the best weapon any young person can have in the city they live in. It’s not a cliché, Knowledge, Really is Power!”-Corey Barksdale

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