#GENMTER: Gospel Encyclopedia New Music Tuesday Entertainment Report @MRAWarren Week of 04-30-13


  • I think @KevinVasser is mad cool. So, I begin this report apologizing for not mentioning his single Only You Can Deliver last week. #GENMTER


  • @KevinVasser is an amazing talent and has served well. He is a part of the team at Fellowship in Chicago that brought you #Awesome. #GENMTER


  • His previous work on EMI, his current project scheduled to be released on Malaco Records. @KevinVasser #GENMTER



  • I really wish my scheduled allowed me to be in Philly this weekend for the Sweet Rain Records reunion concert. #GENMTER


  • As Gospel music lover and specifically a choir boy, I loved the product they released. #GENMTER


  • I loved Barbara Ward Farmer, the Savettes, Wilmington Chester, Southeast Inspirational, @HezekiahWalker and on and on… #GENMTER


  • Of course they released product on the Greater Highway Church, Polk County Mass, the Voices from Beth El in B-more… #GENMTER


  • These records shaped my view of Gospel because of the hands on opportunity Bishop Andrew Ford & producer Steven Ford gave me early. #GENMTER


  • The Sweet Rain reunion is in honor of the 60th Birthday celebration for Bishop Andrew Ford. #GENMTER


  • I’m glad to @McDonalds has committed to do another summer tour for Gospel music.




  • Whether she’s telling jokes or belting a tune, @vickiewinans remains touchable to her audience & ministers thru her life changes. #GENMTER


  • I’ve said it B4, @Keetwit has always used his celebrity as a platform 2 build other talent. This has caused him 2 span generations. GENMTER


  • The discography of his own works is deep, but when you add his guest appearances, u can spend a lifetime collecting his music. @Keetwit #GENMTER


  • I’ve noticed that there are a lot of independent projects available in the digital space. Many which seem to a clear marketing plan. #GENMTER


  • Today, @RadioRobyn and I talked about the flood of music that comes to radio stations packaged nicely that never gets played. #GENMTER


  • Young artist you spend a lot of money recording, even packaging, and definitely shipping to radio. Follow up! @RadioRobyn #GENMTER


  • It actually will help the influence of Gospel over all if you are committed to the movement of the music vs. the badge of having it. #GENMTER


  • Even though we’ve moved to increased sales because of digital placements, if you’re not selling, you’re clogging the highway. #GENMTER


  • For every product that doesn’t sell on holds a space to make the requirement harder the next go around for others to get in. #GENMTER


  • I support ministry whole-heartedly & your ministry needs an opportunity 2 shine. However, let’s work at being business stewards. #GENMTER


  • True there isn’t enough space on radio 4 all the music, but at least follow up w/ the station. Commit 2 make ur presence known. #GENMTER


  • Create a plan to make sure people know your project is available whether it be in the digital space or brick and mortar. #GENMTER


Adrian Warren is the President/CEO of Vessel Entertainment (VE) which specializes in brand development, marketing/promotions, event planning and management.

Previously the Marketing/Promotions Coordinator for Tyscot Records and Promotions Merchant for GospoCentric Records, Warren formed VE to maximize the efforts of the growing independent. As the principle of VE, Warren continues to provide services for many well-known labels, artists and companies. He has aided Aleho International, Crystal Rose, the ND Company/Church Howse Music and Taesis Distribution. He has contributed to the campaigns of prominent artists such as Jonathan Butler, VaShawn Mitchell, The Rance Allen Group, Shirley Murdock and Bishop Noel Jones and the City of Refuge Choir.

Warren is the former Program Director/Promotions Coordinator for WMBM-AM in Miami and has aided in the planning and operation of successful events including Gospel Music Workshop of America, I Hear Music in the Air, All-Star Gospel Celebration and Gospel SuperFest (now aired on Bounce TV).

Listed in the 2013 Gospel Industry Round-Up (gospel industry trade) as a “Mover and Shaker You Should Know”, Warren, an Associate Minister and Administrator at Emmaus Christian Church in Indianapolis, is a sought after conference speaker and panelist. He is also featured weekly on WTLC-AM as the “Gospel Encyclopedia” with his Gospel Encyclopedia New Music Tuesday Entertainment Report.

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