Former Gospel Music Exec and Seasoned Therapist Launch ‘Born 2 Relate’

Former music executive and seasoned marriage and family therapist launch Born 2 Relate, a relationship coaching firm, with their first of many ‘Sip n’ Chat’ events created for couples to recharge and reconnect.

Dale Harewood, a former gospel music executive turned ordained pastor/counselor and business life coach holds an MA degree in organizational leadership and Venessa Harewood, a certified master life coach and therapist with an MA Degree in counseling psychology are committed to serving God by helping marriages to become healthy by teaching the wisdom of commitment.

Together the Harewoods have been married for 15 years and are building upon the legacy of their parents who have 50+ years of successful marriage changing the culture and helping marriages thrive.

Launching their company with the Sip n’ Chat event was a great way for clients to get a true feel of what their practice is really about. “Better than dinner and a movie, Sip n’ Chat provides activities to enhance relationships and encourage communication all while having great wine and fabulous food,” says Venessa.  “Additionally, couples learn new dance moves from Chicago stepping and Line-dancing instructors.”

Several couples are anxiously awaiting the next event and have already signed up.  Here’s what they had to say.  “Sip n’ Chat was a night to remember. We have been married for 20 years and it was so nice to reconnect.  The emotional bonding was contagious and all the couples were embraced by the end of the night. The atmosphere was absolutely fabulous!  We both are looking forward to next year’s Sip n’ Chat!”-Eddie & Roseanne

Another couple exclaimed, “…We genuinely enjoyed the married couples fellowship…it was absolutely a gorgeous ambiance, full of fun…great food, thoughtful games, conversations and fabulous exercises via learning the line dancing and sultry step dancing…something we want to continue learning in the future. You both are a beautiful and awesome couple.”-Dominique & Paul

Through Born 2 Relate services and events, the Harewood’s are dedicated to providing sound biblical counseling for single and married couples.

“Our workshops, seminars and counseling sessions are designed to help individuals explore and define their expectations in their relationships in order to fully experience the joy that God desires for them to have,” states Venessa.


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In addition, their goal is to guide you through a process that will strengthen the core of your marriage.

“We are committed to serving God by helping people maintain healthy relationships-marriage, family, vocational, etc.-while teaching the wisdom of commitment,” says Dale.