Follow Corey Barksdale’s Musical Journey

Something happens to us when we listen to music we love. We react to it. We know incredible talent when we hear it… and we are always on the lookout for music that is real, that we can feel, and with which we can make a connection. When we do hear “It”, we know if a song or singer has the necessary “Persona” it takes to get an entry pass – beyond the listening ear… past the subconscious mind, and into our heart – where music lives and moves the soul. Corey Barksdale is a person who makes music that actually has that “Persona”.

If you have not heard the name Corey Barksdale in Gospel music circles before now, you certainly will soon. A native of Chicago, he might be one of the new faces on the national stage of Gospel music, but Corey Barksdale is an amazing talent who is worth listening to. He sings… and he sings well. He sings from experience… and with the authority of someone who has something to sing about – and a story to tell through his music.

Corey’s music journey is unique. He has been singing practically as long as he has been able to speak. He began singing around the age of 3 years old. At 7 years old, he joined the legendary choir, Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago, and from that connection, he has been afforded countless national opportunities to share his vocal talent across the country and abroad.

Musically well rounded, Corey is an anointed and gifted Singer, Songwriter, Speaker and Philanthropist, whose faith in God and transparency keeps him grounded.

In 2010, while working on new music, Corey was invited by his good friend and college buddy, Jonathan McReynolds (Dove award nominee), to co-write and record guest vocals on the duet track “Why” on Jonathan’s Life Music project. Additionally, Corey sings lead vocals on Mark Hubbard’s new single and praise and worship ballad, “For My Good.

Presently, Corey is a praise and worship leader at the renowned Living Word Christian Center (A multi-cultural, non-denominational church with more than 20,000 members located in Forest Park, Illinois), where the founder and pastor is the legendary Dr. Bill Winston. His tremendous vocal talent and versatile songwriting abilities have granted him opportunities to share his music on several notable platforms.

From National Television to major print media, Corey has made appearances on the Word Network (Rejoice in the Word), TBN, TCT Network and TLN. He has performed internationally in Sweden; where in 2011, the popular Ö-vik Big Band requested for Corey to join them as a featured vocalist.

Gospel music fans are quickly beginning to recognize Corey for his incredible vocals, commanding stage presence and distinctive songwriting skills.  “I love writing songs,” he says. “I’m the type of writer that can be inspired by anything or anyone; it’s usually a random feeling that seems to occur for a short period of time. My job is to capture that feeling by writing or recording before it leaves me.”

A young man with a purpose, Corey’s music is not solely for inspiration or entertainment…. but for healing as well. His style reflects the inevitable collision of the diverse musical styles that he has listened to during his entire life. When you hear, “You’re Irreplaceable”, a few of his musical inspirations come to mind, such as, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Smokie Norful, John Legend and Marvin Winans. The song is a melodic love letter to God, declaring his matchless presence in our lives. Corey declares, “I’m inspired by all types of artist from all cultures and many different genres”.

Corey’s music is a mix of something familiar, something usual…, something new, and refreshing – all at the same time. His song “Persona” is a culmination of his whole life. The song is an amazing tune that speaks life to the listener and tells them, it’s okay to be yourself.

By following God’s blueprint, Corey was able to accept his unique musical gift early in life, hone it into something special, and confidently pursue a career as a Gospel Music artist.

Through his profound testimony and music, Corey’s desire is for listeners and supporters to gain a stronger faith in God, through submission, worship, praise and self-love.

There is more to life than what we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste; I want my listeners to understand and experience that by faith and to be drawn to a lifestyle of worship where they surrender to God, acknowledge God as Lord of their life and let God take control. I believe God responds to praise the same way a loving father responds to the tears of his daughter. Regardless of fault, circumstance, timing, bad attitudes, sin or whatever else could get in the way, HE WILL SHOW UP! We are God’s creation! We all have purpose! God loves us! God has a good plan to prosper us! God designed us! God (The same God that created Heaven & Earth) chooses to have a relationship with us! When we really take these things into consideration, it ought to help us love and appreciate ourselves more than we have in the past.”

On, Sunday, January 26th, Corey fellowshipped with and sang at New Zion Temple Church’s for their 7th Year Anniversary, 926 Morris St., Hammond, IN.

In the next few weeks, on Wednesday, February 12th, Corey will also visit TBN for an interview and performance.  Stay connected to The Gospel Source for updates.