Eric Brice: Studio Guitar 101


  • Always carry more than one guitar with fresh strings on each one. Preferably, one with single coil pickups (strat style) and one with humbuckers (Les Paul style).
  • To cover the sounds… have very good cables for all of your effects and gear. Be proficient in knowing how to tweak your sounds QUICKLY! Time is money… Keep a nice acoustic around as well.
  • Keep the jamming down to a minimum in a band session so that you can keep the spirit of the song in the room.
  • Always… always have a tuner in the loop…. There is nothing any producer can do with an out of tune guitar track except to re-record it (And they probably will not call you when they do).



Eric Brice  is a world renowned Session Guitarist , Producer , Musical Director  and Engineer.  He has performed and recorded with greats such as Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Israel & New Breed, Karen-Clark Sheard, Commissioned, The Winans…and many more.  Eric performs on Monday nights at the Experience, an event that he and his wife, vocalist Dena Brice currently hosts in Charlotte, NC.