Eric Brice: Music Tips 101 – Dynamics for the cats!

 Dynamics for the cats!!!!

A general rule for live music is that in the performance of a song there should be some differentiation between the chorus and the verse. The best way to do it is make a difference dynamically. Bring the verse down a bit – volume wise – but do not lose the groove of it all! Trust me no one will think any less of you if you turn down a bit.

Personally I have learned how to pull back with my hands without ever having to touch my volume knob… (Just a thought that might possibly further your career). Singers will love you for sure! My last quick thought is when you have a solo, turning up will not make your solo better (bass players). Have something to say (shed) and we will hear it!!! The rest of the band will turn down so that you don’t have to turn up!



Eric Brice

Eric Brice is a world renowned Session Guitarist , Producer, Musical Director and Engineer. He has performed and recorded with greats such as Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Israel & New Breed, Karen-Clark Sheard, Commissioned, The Winans…and many more. Eric performs on Monday nights at the Experience, an event that he and his wife, vocalist Dena Brice currently hosts in Charlotte, NC.

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