Eric Brice: Guitar Players (Fret Brothers) – “Be Creative”

Better quit worrying about those pedals and think about what you are playing!

  • Is it a good part?
  • Does it fit?
  • Will it stand out or is it safe and insignificant?

I personally don’t mind being spoon fed a part a producer hears in his/her head, but it is so cool to play something that turned his ear another way and spurned more creativity. Things like:

  • Note choices
  • Feel choices
  • Tone (pedal) choices

Shed on it … “I wanna know YOU when I hear YOU”…. 🙂 Here’s a hint though… If the fingers don’t hold any magic, the pedals are of none effect…


Eric Brice is a world renowned Session Guitarist , Producer , Musical Director and Engineer. He has performed and recorded with greats such as Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Israel & New Breed, Karen-Clark Sheard, Commissioned, The Winans…and many more. Eric performs on Monday nights at the Experience, an event that he and his wife, vocalist Dena Brice currently hosts in Charlotte, NC.

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