Interview tips to standout from the rest

If you attend a concert and finally meet your favorite artist backstage, only to learn he’s very rude, you probably wouldn’t buy his CD’s or attend his concerts anymore because he blew his chance at being likeable.

When you have something to promote, it’s important that your audience likes you, buys your product or responds in a positive way. That won’t happen unless you’re believable and likable.

Here are a few interview tips on how to raise your believability factor.

Let your personality shine. “TV Hosts and producers don’t want dead heads on their show. The more engaging you are, the more interested and involved the audience will be.

Be a natural. You never want to sound like you’re reading from a script. Always try to answer questions with a relatable story and/or a personal experience. It entertains the audience and keeps them interested.

Slow down and listen. Remember. You’re having a conversation with the host so talk at a normal pace and make sure you listen to the questions so you reply intelligently.

No Fidgeting. Don’t tap your feet or slap your leg and keep hand gestures to a minimum while you talk. It could become annoying.

Tell the Truth. If you’re asked a question that you don’t know, just say you don’t know.   The worst is to get caught in a lie in front of millions of viewers.

Say it already! Don’t ramble. There’s nothing worse than someone who goes on and on and on. Keep your answers simple, interesting and to the point. Viewers will hang on longer.

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