Cory “CoCo Brother” Condrey Discusses Charlotte Riots With The City’s Mayor

Syndicated radio personality Cory “Coco Brother” Condrey’s The Stand Campaign movement and its recent musical soundtrack “#America” (Tyscot Records) have opened doors for him to speak out on the various social issues facing the country. This past weekend, Condrey talked with Charlotte, NC’s Mayor Jennifer Robertson about the city’s recent riots on his syndicated radio program “The CoCo Brother Live Show.”

The Charlotte community is in an uproar over the death of an African-American man named Keith Lamont Scott who was shot dead by an African-American police officer Brentley Vinson when Scott was spotted wielding a gun and smoking a blunt in an apartment complex parking lot a few weeks ago. Scott got out of the car but failed to respond to
police commands and was shot as a result. Scott’s family said that he was reading a book and had no gun, although, the police say they recovered no book and that Scott had a stolen gun in his possession. Hear Condrey’s discussion with Mayor Roberts at this link: