Corey Barksdale heads to TBN and takes Bold Step in Gospel Music

The life of a “new independent” artist can be rewarding and challenging, especially when creating music, establishing a brand and adjusting to the “rules” of the music industry.

These moments are real in the life of the independent artist and rarely seen before they sign with the beloved “Record Company”. This year, a brave soul, Corey Barksdale, has come forth to share his world on social media via Social-Cam with fellow artists and gospel music fans.

Now to some, this may seem easy to do, especially with the growing popularity of reality television, but when you are in unfamiliar territory and at times unsure of the route to take, transparency can be difficult.

Yes, these similar thoughts flow through the mind of Corey Barksdale, but he knows there are other artists who can relate and hopes his journey will motivate them to keep pushing forward.

To help aid Corey reach fellow artists and supporters, the online site, will follow his posts and events and share his journey on their site. The Gospel Source is the online source for the latest in music industry eNews and resources and was founded by, Patrick Williamson, Adrian Warren and Monica Williamson. expressed their excitement about partnering with Corey Barksdale:  “Corey Barksdale’s voice is amazing. The world needs to know about him, so it’s an honor for us to be on this journey with him. We are looking forward to great happenings and experiences along the way.”Patrick Williamson-Editor

“Corey is an awesome worship leader and we support him 100%!”

Monica Williamson-Information Technology Director

Corey Barksdale wants to encourage other artists as he travels, writes new songs, learns to balances his personal, life work and of course loving on God.

Supporters and artists are encouraged to follow Corey’s journey on SocialCam and at below:

Corey’s Journey at

Corey’s story would not be real without exciting moments, so here are a few of Corey’s next stops: On, Wednesday, February 12th, Corey will visit TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) Studios-Illinois for a television appearance, to be aired on WWTO-TV.

The following week, on Friday, February 21st, Corey will be a part of “United Thru Music Service-A Worship Encounter Part 2”, in Chicago, IL at Destiny Worship Center, 5510-14 West Chicago, Ave, at 8pm.

For Booking Contact: and (872) 222-7501

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Twitter: @CoreyBarksdale

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