CD Review: Ethan Kent “WORK IN PROGRESS”

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There is a beautiful sound and a “Sweet smelling savour” released into the atmosphere of Gospel music. After a year of promoting, touring, performing and further developing his artistry, Ethan Kent releases WORK IN PROGRESS, his debut project, on his Tonic Blue Print label and Central South Distribution.

Ethan Kent, who attracted the Gospel music world’s attention last year with the release of his Top 30 Billboard Gospel Radio debut single, My Hope Is In Glory, is a new voice in Gospel music. A singer, songwriter, producer and worship leader who was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and raised in Dallas, Texas, Ethan has spent the past fifteen years developing a style and skill that is invigorating and eclectic. So far, the hard work and dedication is paying off well for him. His first radio single My Hope Is In Glory not only debuted within Billboard’s TOP 30, but it remained there for a total of 15 weeks, peaking at #23.

The debut project, WORK IN PROGRESS, on which Ethan himself wrote and produced every song, is a much-anticipated project, which actually moves in a different vein musically. It merges gospel, R&B, rock and pop with refreshing themes and conversational lyrics.

The album itself is an engaging one. It opens up with W.O.R.K., and indeed, it is a great song choice for an opener. Featuring a rap by Marcell Tennyson, this one will tempt you to hit repeat even before you decide to listen to the other songs on the album. W.O.R.K. is a song about life and purpose. No matter who you are, where you are or how you got there, your life still has purpose. Therefore, in the daily process of renewal, the ultimate duty of life is to “find your reason,” and work to fulfill God’s plan.

Be prepared to bob your head and tap your feet on Work In Progress. The album’s title cut, Work In Progress is reminiscent of a quote by Mandy Hale, which says, “The stretching of your faith is immediate pain that results in ultimate gain. It is in the waiting that we become who we are meant to be.” The song has an insightful message, which resonates with the story of the ups and downs in all of our lives. Yet, the story is an ongoing one; there is no giving up, but only continued faith and advancement towards life’s ultimate goal to WIN.

Bring Us To Our Knees… a beautiful mellow tune, which speaks directly from a worshipper’s heart, directly to God. Ethan introduces the song with several news flashes, which cover some of the headline stories of the day, and from there, reminds the listener to stay prayerful. God makes the difference, no matter what issues arise in the world, if we stay on our knees, God will console us and handle every problem.

There are many other great moments on this album as well. From songs like, People, Take This Pride and Trustin’…. to Good To Me and Always Be Around; the album flirts with a bit of a neo-soul feel, and contains music and vocals that mesh well, and can be enjoyed every single day of the week – any time of day. What’s a plus too – in addition to the 14 tracks – are the three bonus tracks (I Found Her, Will You Marry Me and the Work In Progress Remix) at the end of the album.

Whether you are searching for music for worship, something to groove to, or music to inspire you, WORK IN PROGRESSavailable on January 21, 2014 – is a good choice to add to your music collection.

With the release of WORK IN PROGRESS, for sure, Ethan is destined for music greatness for a long time to come, in Gospel music ministry.

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